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The percentages were NOT consistent chat sites for dating in any other previously known raw Uranium deposit. But the kicker is this. Embedded chat sites for dating in each of forr small Uranium deposits are detectable amounts of the element Plutonium, the primary ingredient of most modern atomic bombs.

It was an abandoned, ancient, weapons producing nuclear reactor. Chat sites for dating in had the capability to produce, and indeed datimg producing, nuclear weapons grade Plutonium, a long long time ago. In various places around the world, totally free christian dating site ancient ruins bear a remarkably consistent trait.

Actual battle axes at the The Archeological Museum of Herakleion future dating his stylist Crete. Various ruins found around the world have doorways in them that would indicate that either very short people, or siets tall people, lived in them. An underground steam explosion seemed to be the most common explanation to eventually be accepted. But the theories kept coming, and the officially accepted explanation likewise changed.

Currently, we have meteor crater. What is interesting is that a metallic analysis of the meteorite fragments from that area gives results that are remarkably similar to and consistent with various current, modern alloys used in the nuclear industry to house and contain radioactive materials.

We know the ash cloud happened because archaeologists and geologists have aksi dating gambar mak melayu sex a layer of ash and clay surrounding the globe on every single continent, deep in the strata.

It even has a name, the K-T Boundary layer. Thus the tektite evidence points to at least one massively large explosion to hit earth, an explosion that very easily could have been nuclear in origin, not just fkr or volcanic, likely just one of many other detonations that also occurred around the world at the same time during a full scale nuclear exchange and war.

On each and every continent, there are ancient ruins of a scale so massively large and precise cor they can only be appreciated from the air. Indeed, they in the cause of dating on line could only have been laid out and planned from high in the sky, or even space. Whether its the amazing ruins in the high plains of Bolivia and Peru, or chat sites for dating in waterworks in North America, there they are.

And some of them were only discovered from the sky, and could only have been planned from there as well. Again, it all speaks to a level of technology perfectly capable of waging global nuclear war, technology that suddenly disappeared in a brief flash of time.

This global nuclear war was likely also interplanetary in scope, and incredibly destructive. This is where you start to get a bigger view of what can only be considered a massive coverup. In the eleventh chapter of Genesis of the Old Testament, sited first book of the Bible, we read the account of the Tower or Babel. It details chat sites for dating in the people were attempting to build a tower That would reach to Heaven. Remember that this was a technologically advanced society, one soon capable of waging the interplanetary nuclear war that we have just been talking about.

And in the resulting confusion of languages was sown the seeds of the global nuclear chat sites for dating in that happened not too long thereafter. In fact, some modern, long-term age progression simulations for humans living in low-gravity, dark, cosmically radioactive places like space, end up with beings and creatures that look remarkably like some of the typical aliens that everyone recognizes today.

There is an active attempt to cover up many of the details relayed here on this site, for obvious reasons. And keep in mind that this web page is likewise a work in progress.

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