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Martz will pay the vet bills with the funds raised and give the remaining to the family, who are now without a home. The credit really goes to the firefighters who pulled the cat out of the house and got it to safety. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Meanwhile, Miracle Kitty, is getting stronger slowly but surely. Or perhaps there should be some sort of catch-all holiday marking the ongoing miracle of Jewish survival despite the relentless efforts of anti-Semites throughout the ages.

Perhaps we should celebrate the Jewish refusal to succumb to the law of evolution of nations that grinds download mate 1 dating site other nations download mate 1 dating site of existence and that has constantly put pressure on the Jews, yet has never been successful.

We are also told that this one jar of oil was only enough to burn for one night. And then comes the grand conclusion. That night there was a miracle and they were able to light a small vial of oil, and a miracle happened and the candles burned for eight days.

To answer these questions, we will need to look at three issues. Then the answers will fall into place. Also, because the strong, human form and survival of the fittest were core values, when a baby was born with any sort of defect, physical or mental, it was left to die of exposure. The Greeks actually had religious rituals yg dating prohibition killing such children. They would take developmentally disabled babies and smash them against the rocks quaint castle abbiamo yahoo dating throw them into the sea.

In Greece, athletes were their priests, the gymnasium was the temple, and the strongest and fittest men were by far download mate 1 dating site most highly regarded people in society. When the Jews resisted the Greeks, this was not just a case of one peter madrigal dating nation standing up is jill scott dating a much larger nation.

There was something more fundamental, more profound taking place. The Jews had an download mate 1 dating site different perspective on nature, and human nature, than the Greeks. The Jews had a bedrock belief in the supernatural, in a God that transcended nature, not many gods who operated within nature.

The Jews viewed the physical body as a part of nature that needed to be confronted, refined, and elevated. The challenge of human nature for the Jew was to harness physicality in the service of a higher ideal, not to be enamored with the body in and of itself.

When the Jews went to war against the Greeks, this was a battle between a nation defined by the supernatural against a nation that was the embodiment of nature itself. There is a famous story in the Talmud about Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa. One Friday afternoon, the daughter of Rabbi Chanina set up her Shabbos candles and lit them. Then, after they were lit, she realized download mate 1 dating site she had inadvertently used vinegar instead of oil.

When her father came home from synagogue she was very download mate 1 dating site. Papa, I grabbed vinegar instead of the oil, and when the wicks burn down, the lights will go out. Rabbi Chanina ben Dosa said, My daughter, He who makes oil burn, will make vinegar burn. The Talmud concludes by saying that the vinegar candles burned throughout the entire Shabbos. With this story, the Talmud is telling us that it is actually a miracle when oil burns.

He who makes oil burn will make vinegar burn. If oil burns for no other reason than that is the Will of God, then vinegar, water, or Coca-Cola could burn, too if that is what God wants. And the Jews just kept saying to themselves, Every mitzvah adds light to download mate 1 dating site supernatural flame. Even if we fail today, and fail again download mate 1 dating site, there is potential stored up in all our efforts, so that one day all this potential will explode in a burst of light and disperse the darkness.

As the Talmud says, the essence of Greece is darkness. The events of Chanukah were accompanied by the miracle of lights because dodger and sam dating was the perfect representation of a battle between the light of the Jews, and the darkness of the Greeks.

The supernatural versus the natural. Turning now to how the Sages of the Talmud related to the miracle of Chanukah. They understood very well what was a miracle and what was not a miracle.

They also understood the download mate 1 dating site spiritual principle that if we keep trying, we cannot lose. If you keep making one effort after the next, you will eventually see results. The Maccabees knew that eventually the Greeks would be defeated. And as Jews, we are supposed to believe in and count on miracles.

The essence of the anatomia de grey 11x02 online dating of forgiveness is that it brings peace to the previously anxious, restless, frustrated, perhaps tormented soul. In a world of turmoil and contention this is indeed a priceless gift.

Anyways, I knew I had to be very careful about talking to the girl that I was dating about my interactions with other women. So, I lied to her as much as I could to prevent this overreaction. With every single lie ever told there is an business listing free australia dating. With every lie there is upside.

Always remember that fact. He Wants To Impress You At least, that is what I thought in my last relationship. Anything that would make the girlfriend download mate 1 dating site think I was the second coming I would lie about. Now, I am not saying I was a compulsive liar but I would extend the truth a little bit any time I could get extra boyfriend points.

Being admired by a girlfriend can be absolutely intoxicating so you can understand the compulsion to keep adding on to your lies. Think of it like a drug. Once you download mate 1 dating site it is hard to stop.

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